Real Data. Real Analysis. Real Savings.

RevelationLegal transforms raw data into meaningful insights about how to improve your firm’s performance. Our unique analysis allows you to quickly and easily see how attorneys and support staff spend their time and the value associated with that time.

But what if you could also...

Identify workspace needs across your firm?
Analyze the real estate costs associated with your people and their job activities?
Pinpoint opportunities to relocate individuals, job functions or entire departments?
Even realize millions of dollars in savings a year?

With RevelationLegal’s Real Estate Module, you can.

How Do We Do It?

Many law firms recognize that they are paying Class A rates for activities that could be performed just as effectively elsewhere. Unfortunately, firm leaders have lacked the data and tools they need to identify and act on these cost-saving opportunities. Until now.

Our easy-to-use system of reports and dashboards allows you to apply a cost per rentable square foot to every activity performed in your firm over the course of a year. Each activity is also assigned what we call a high, medium or low proximity factor. High-rated activities must remain centralized at your current location and warrant an investment in premium office space, while medium- and low-rated activities could be moved to a less expensive location onsite or to a remote facility for even greater savings.

Who can leverage RevelationLegal’s Real Estate Module?

COOs, managing partners and other senior firm leadership
Commercial real estate brokers and advisors
Architects and workspace planners
Management and operations consultants

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

Our powerful dashboards include robust filter and sorting capabilities that allow you to view your data from every angle. Analyze your real estate costs and potential for savings at the enterprise level or drill down to the activities of each department or individual—the possibilities are limitless.

Opportunity Summary

Provides a summary view of your current real estate costs and a high-level look at the potential savings if you relocate activities from their current location to a less expensive alternative.

Individual Proximity

Dig into a detailed job analysis for each participant, including demographic information, as well as RSF allocation, rental rate and total cost of office space. Our easy-to-read graphs and charts offer a snapshot of each individual’s activities by proximity level and highlight opportunities to reduce costs.

Activity by Location

View a summary of your current real estate costs for all office locations and easily drill down to reveal increasing levels of detail on a particular location. You can also sort by category of service and apply other filters to slice and dice the data even further.

Real Data. Real Analysis. Real Savings.

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